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About Us

Saving Lake Roland

We are a group of area residents who came together over concern for the proposed Bluestem development. There is a core group of about 10-15 people working on getting the facts out about the project, stopping the PUD application and working with all parties involved through the Development Review Process to get a project more in keeping with the area and the Master Plan. Due to our efforts, over 275 people sent letters of concern to Councilwoman Vickie Almond; this was key to getting the PUD withdrawn.

We have all lived in this area for a long time, love the Park and use the Falls Road corridor on a regular basis. Most of us are members of RRLRAIA but knew nothing of this project and the association’s support of it. We welcome anyone who is interested to join us.

Some of the folks involved so far:

Pam and Robert Macht, Caroline McLure, Bob and Ellen Smith, Mark Fetting and Georgie Smith, Richard North, Doug Carroll and Deirdre Smith, Tom McCord, Carol Macht, Mark Behrens, Cheryl and Stewart Finney

Any of us would be more than happy to speak with you further.  You can fill out the contact us form, email us at, or find us on the Lake Roland Trails.

We strongly believe that the Bluestem Development is not compatible with the Bare Hills historic district (on the site of Hollins Organic behind and just north of Princeton Sports) and is harmful to Lake Roland Park. Maps

The development as currently planned, :

  • harms the park, visually and environmentally,

  • stresses the existing (and frail) sewer and water infrastructure,

  • will significantly increase traffic on both Falls Road and the surrounding areas,

  • will degrade, not augment, our community.

SLR’s objectives opposing the project are to ENSURE THAT:

  1. The scope and scale of the project are more in keeping with the Bare Hills Historic District

  2. All Open Space requirements are provided for on-site

  3. The final development is consistent with the Community Master Plan adopted by the Baltimore County Council in 2010.

  4. The Lake Roland Park is protected both environmentally and visually