As of December 2017

2017 Summary

Where we have been:

We came together after a February 2017 Community Input Mtg, when 50 people came to hear about the VLR project, many learning about it fully for the first time. 80% of folks who spoke were negative, yet the developer was moving forward with his PUD and the RRLRAIA Restricted Covenant Agreement. We were advised that Councilwoman Vickie Almond was going to introduce and support the PUD to the County Council.

Where we are:

We have sent over 300 letters to Vickie Almond through the website, we have reached out to the RRLRAIA members through three mailings and petitioned for a Special Meeting. At the July 12 meeting over 200 people gathered;,approximately 80% of those who cast a ballot in person supported our initiative. We lost the absentee votes by a 2.5:1 margin, due to several factors. We believe the biggest was the ByLaw Amendment, which we withdrew at the meeting.

Regretfully, despite our concerns, RRLRAIA approved the modified Vanguard development plan.