What is being proposed?

What: Six acres of mixed use development with recently-approved BM-CCC zoning :

  • BM-CCC zoning allows Business Major and no limits to residential density or structures. CCC (Community Commercial Center) is typically reserved for town centers such as Owings Mills and White Marsh

  • 50,000 sf restaurant, retail and office in several 2-3 story high buildings

  • Six story multi family residential buildings with at least 152 units and 5,000 sf additional restaurant and retail space

  • Parking for 500+ cars

  • Final Development Plan was formally submitted to the County in October 2018 after being reviewed by all relevant County agencies. The plan is now in front of the County’s Administrative Law Judge. Except for the residential building being moved away from the Park property line, the current plan remains very similar to the original concept plan. It is in conflict with the County's Community Master Plan, is excessive in scale and scope for the community, it is directly adjacent to the Lake Roland Park, and does not supply the required Open Space. We are firmly against this plan. See Concept plan.

Where: Six acre parcel at 6241 Falls Road at site currently used by Hollins Organic, on border of Lake Roland Park. The residential high rise is on land designated as park buffer land in the Community Master Plan adopted by the County in 2010. 

Who: Vanguard Development

Please see documents to read Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (DEPS) critical review of the project.


  • It harms the park, visually and environmentally,

  • It stresses the existing (and frail) sewer and water infrastructure,

  • It will significantly increase traffic on both Falls Road and the surrounding areas,

  • It will degrade, not augment, our community.

How will this affect me if I live in the City?

Do you use and care about Lake Roland Park? Do you drive the Falls Road corridor?  Are you concerned about the tax base of Baltimore City?

The project borders Lake Roland Park, partly on land designated as Forest Buffer by the County Master Plan. This land has been designated as Tier 1 Preservation Zone by the State due to its environmentally sensitive nature.  A six story high rise will likely be seen, especially in winter, at various locations of the park.

The current zoning of this property has no limits on residential density. The proposed project includes up to 50,000 square feet of commercial, all within 1/2 mile of the city line. Traffic studies have not been done and will likely not include the future traffic from the development planned at N Pkwy. The only plan for traffic is to combine some entrances into the existing light at Clarkview Road.

The project will stress an aging and already stressed water and sewer system, directly affecting Baltimore City.

In what ways is the Vanguard plan not in keeping with the RRLRAIA 2010 Community Plan?

  1. The Plan stipulates “the Hollins Organic parcel should be acquired for open space to provide forest buffer," whereas this development call for it to be a dense, mixed-use development.

  2. The Plan places all residential on the opposite side of Falls Road; This development will be adjacent to Lake Roland Park (rather than the JFX) and will incorporate buildings at least 6 stories high.

What is the significance of the approved high rise development at the intersection of Falls Road and Northern Parkway?

Additional traffic impact to Falls Road and nearby neighborhoods. The City and County do not have a history of working together; this additional traffic and sewer impact will likely NOT be taken into account for the Vanguard project.

What is next?

Our main focus will be on getting full and accurate impact studies done and presenting every legal issue in a hearing before an Administrative Judge. We have hired an attorney and will pursue the issues as long as the courts will let us. We welcome any and all donations to help with the legal fees. Please email us for more information on donating. We appreciate your support and will keep you informed of the next steps.