Next steps

Next Steps

Next Steps:

The Administrative Judge Hearings have been set for Friday February 14, and March 21 and 22. Please plan to attend. If you can testify please email Doug Carroll.

The hearing will be held at the Office of Administrative Hearings, Jefferson Building, 105 West Chesapeake Ave, Towson, MD 21204 Times TBD

Vanguard recently submitted their final design plan to the County after having been reviewed by all relevant County agencies. In December the plan will go before an Administrative judge. We have hired an attorney, Michael McCann, to represent us at the hearing(s) where he will present our issues, and the community will have an opportunity to do so as well. The judge then makes a ruling which likely will be appealed by us. 

Please consider a donation to help defray the costs of our legal team. We appreciate your support.

We have galvanized a large group of stakeholders to oppose the Bluestem development in its current form. We will continue to reach out to all key parties; We urge you to do the same. We will keep you informed of any new initiatives and developments. Thank you and please pass on any thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc.