Feburary 23rd, 2018

  • RRLRAIA approved the amended development plan and the developer, Vanguard,rescinded their PUD application. The project will proceed through the development review process.

As of this week Vanguard has formally submitted their development plan to the County. The plans are in essence the same in scale and scope as previously reviewed –

  • 6 story high rise,
  • 152 residential units,
  • 50,000 sf commercial,
  • over 500 parking spaces.
  • The plans include  63,000 sf of “open space” even though they are required by law to have 143,000 sf. They will likely pay a fee to get out of this requirement.

However, without the PUD in place, they face a lengthy review process and this is where the community comes in; we will have numerous opportunities to object and appeal. We will need your support for this and appreciate it to date. Keep the pressure on the County by writing to Councilwoman Almond (see below) and outreach to your neighbors. Sign up to receive our periodic newsletters to get more information and Action Alerts.

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